29 febrero, 2008

a culture for all

ACIC was founded in 1992, the year of the Olympic Games in Barcelona.
Last year was the fifteenth anniversary of this association. This small
group is formed by mostly people blind, who are interested in working on
aspects related to the integration of people with impaired vision.

There are three areas of action:

- Culture an and access to information
- Accessibility
- Integration to the labour market

At present, it is important to mention the DVD about "a culture for
all". This DVD explains with examples how it is possible for blind
museums, films, libraries and the internet to become adapted for the blind.

This DVD can be seen in youtube.
It is published by ACICCat.


In Youtube, we can also find another video on problems related to the
ticket machines of RENFE or about vote accessibility.

Blind people on the ninth of March next can vote for the first time in
brail and this is a secret vote.
This demand was requested by Jose Angel and ACIC four years ago.